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numbers to come up? fire beware. the holiday shopping season attracting people looking for steals rather than deals. ready to strike at the store, the parking lot. caught on camera, an extreme couponer looking to cash in and get big discounts. claims that she was attacked by an angry store manager. start them up. rolling stone celebrating with a special concert tonight. and you won't believe how a scalped ticket for tonight's show will cost you. ♪ hey, good morning, everyone. we have come to an end of a long holiday weekend. this is huge driving day and a
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huge shopping season. tomorrow, cyber monday. coming up, becky worley has the breakdown on online deals. >> online sales up 20% this year. also a thanksgiving tragedy prevented by a hero dad, his son fell down an old laundry chute and was trapped. dad punched a hole in the wall. we'll tell you how firefighters eventually got the little boy out. check this out, the undersea video going viral today. look at one of them climbing on the animal's back to get the job done. but we begin with that record jackpot, $425 million, almost half a billion dollars there for the taking. last night's powerball drawing came up empty and with no winner we're now looking at the largest cash prize in the history of the game and the second biggest
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jackpot ever. john muller joins us live from new york city with the story. >> there's my ticket to a dream take a look at that magic number in red. $425 million. no lines here on the upper west side. be an early bird, get your ticket, because as the frenzy builds and the wednesday night jackpot approaches, that line is expected to climb. a mad dash saturday night for the last-minute chance to win $325 million, the thanksgiving payout to be truly thankful for. >> somebody's got to win. >> reporter: but those six numbers seemed to be more elusive than a parking lot spot on black friday. the jackpot now swells to $425 million. the largest jackpot in powerball history. enough dough to buy 2,000 ferraris or the entire country
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of anguillas, twice. it also surpasses $365 million. the odds of winning your $425 million, still 1 in 175 million. that's about 25 times less likely than you winning an academy award. but don't let the odds flush your dreams away, somebody has to win it. like they say, you got to be in it to win it. the jackpot drawing is wednesday night. it could go higher than $425 million. the lump sum payout would be $238 million. >> not too shabby at all. 2,000 ferraris. >> at least to know that our
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toilets are safe. all right, this weekend's marathon holiday shopping bonanza rolled on this morning. mayhem since thanksgiving night. tomorrow it's back to work monday and cyber monday as well. >> sandwiched in the middle a relatively new special and sentimental day, small business saturday. abc's john schriffen has the latest on that. good morning. >> reporter: if you have never heard of small business saturday it's been around for three years, but it's starting to catch on. more than $100 million participated in the shopping holiday. it's aimed to be the opposite of those wild days that we had seen before on black friday. what was this pushing and shoving about? new numbers out this morning show thanksgiving day shopping took a big bite out of black friday. consumers spent just over $11 billion friday. but that's down almost 2% from
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last year and online sales rose 17% on thanksgiving. more than 20% on friday. and on small business saturday, a day to support your local mom and pop store, shoppers found a way to avoid the crush at the mall. >> we have a 3-year-old and this is one-stop shopping. we got everything that we need all at once. >> reporter: a local toy store in manhattan has been in business for more than 30 years, giving children a safe place to play and learn. >> this is like where you can build lots of electronic things. >> reporter: in memphis, her customers prefer this intimate setting than door-busting deals at the bigger store. >> whatever the small businesses make goes back to the community
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faster than say a big box store. >> reporter: even president obama took his daughters to a local bookstore in northern virginia. >> happy thanksgiving, folks. >> reporter: there's a darker side to this black friday weekend, thanksgiving time thieves. in dallas, a ups drivers drops off a package, 11 minutes later. >> i saw a car pull up, it kind of passed the house, a lady got out, walked right to it, picked it up and got in the car and left. >> he's not just mad at the thief, he's bad at the ups thief for not knocking on the door because he was home. >> so, what was inside that package? the family said that it was 1500 computer. what made them more suspicious, according to the u.p.s. tracking receipt, the driver claims that he met with a male customer that
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day. thanks to the surveillance camera, u.p.s. says it will now investigate. tomorrow's cyber monday. let's go becky worley, our technolo technology expert. if we go with this guru, we need to get you a new wardrobe. >> i think you're right, dan. >> if these deals were offered online for days, does cyber monday even still exist? >> yeah. no. i just think that we had to look at this, it's become preing ththi this -- prethanksgiving, small business/cyber monday. the thing with alerts, e-mails, texts and apps, the deal guru
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has deal fatigue. that said, there are still deals to be had. you just have to shop smart from now until christmas. >> i know that you have fatigue, there are some areas where there will be deals tomorrow. >> let's get into it. the mac daddy of cyber monday and that's clothing. you're looking for blanket across the deals, express women's clothing, 40%. lands end. 30% plus free shipping. new york and company, 50% to 70% off the entire site. plus free shipping. another category that's kind of a yes and no, unless you have to have it for your kids, skylander or monster high girls, or something that might be scarce like the wii u gaming console.
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one site called yo it's 41% off any testimony. tvs, again, it's wait as long as you can, don't buy cyber monday unless you have to, an example a vizio 50 inch it was $499 at tiger direct. cameras, amazon has a dslr two-lenses, it's discounted down to $799. but all-time lowest price $699 on cyber monday. amazon discounting the kindle fire to $129 only on cyber monday. some categories are having some deals. >> becky worley terng title of guru of the deal. we appreciate it, becky. take your bow.
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lot of other news developing over overnight. let's turn to alex perez. we begin with a tragic fire overseas, at least 112 people were killed in a fire at a garment factory in bangladesh, the building has no emergency exits. bangladesh exports most of its garments to u.s. and europe. three maintenance workers were injured after a fire broke out in the state department in washington, the building was briefly evacuated and then reopened. some victims of hurricane sandy are being victimized once again, burglaries have skyrocketed in the area which is among the hardest hit by the storm. a yacht went up in flames off the coast of miami beach saturday. they were rescued by the coast guard. the yacht was partially
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submerged and will be towed to shore. an oregon man is lucky to be alive after crashing his truck to a guardrail. finally this morning, notre dame has a chance to be national champions again, the fighting irish beat rival usc capping their first perfect regular season since 1988 and earning a title shot in 24 years. most of the guys on the team aren't even 24 years old. they're beyond excited right now. >> regis philbin is excited, too. >> alex, thanks. congress gets back to business tomorrow after its week long thanksgiving holiday. at the top of its agenda
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resuming talks with president obama to keep the country from flu jing off the fiscal cliff. let's bring in george stephanopoulos. >> congress has gone home to the districts, any optimism that cooler heads will prevail and we'll see movement toward a deal quickly? >> there are only five weeks left. everything has to happen before december 31st. the president has had his first meetings with the top congressional leaders. there's a fair amount of optimism that something will get done before the end of the year. maybe a down payment on deficit reduction combined with a commitment to hit the big numbers. >> in addition to the fiscal cliff, some big vacancies coming up in the president's cabinet the state department, the treasury, even the cia, the general petraeus scandal, three vacancies now. >> and there's likely to be more
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shuffling in the president's cabinet. the president has signaled is favorite likely to be u.n. ambassador susan rice for secretary of state, she's faced a lot of opposition in house this week, republicans signed a letter not to appoint susan rice. the president hasn't made a final decision yet. if he went for it, despite this controversy over benghazi, he would get her through the senate. the top guy to replace timothy geithner, is jack lew. >> slightly less serious note we would like to hit, apparently some head shaving on the
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broadcast this morning. >> the first on "this week." this is a great story. the top spokesman for both of the democrats and republicans, whoever lost the election would shave their head. this is sean spicer was supposed to shave his head. the rnc spokesperson. jon karl is doing the honors. >> he has no credentials. >> let's see how he does. this is all for a good cause, st. baldrick's foundation, for kids with cancer. >> all right, george, great to see you and george has a big show this morning, actor/director ben affleck will be here. also senators lindsey graham and dick durbin. now to extreme couponing
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gone wrong. check this out, an expert coupon artist involved in a confrontation with a store manager who refused to honor her coupons. mark greenblatt is on the story. >> you have seen those pictures, frenzy shoppers attacking each other for those deals. this morning, a store manager at a dollar tree physically going after a customer for bringing in too many coupons. you probably heard about extreme couponing by now, thanks to the learning channel. the hobby that's supposed to pay you back in green not in black eyes, like what happened to this extreme couponer in tennessee. her attacker's not a fellow customer it's the store manager herself. melissa and jennifer apparently brought too many coupons to handle. >> we were told that we were
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harassing her to use those coupons. >> reporter: that's when they recorded the manager getting sassy. >> get the rest of the advil. >> reporter: jennifer left first and watched melissa collected her coupons. when melissa hit the exit, she said instead, she got hit in the face. local police reportedly charged the manager with misdemeanor assault, the women say they never thought they would come to blow with coupons. dollar tree told abc news it's obviously concerned about this incident. which it says is under investigation. when we called yesterday, that store manager wasn't on duty to speak with us.
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>> incredible video. zblin credible stuff. >> thank you. time now for a check of the weather and over to ginger zee. get this, it's colder in parts of the southeast than it is in the northeast and new england. waking up this morning, new orleans 41. you see this pink, that would be freeze warnings. this is exact actually a proble growing things. raw lie a chilly 43. buffalo this morning is at 31. new york city is right at 34. boston at the freezing mark. certainly feels a lot more like winter after a lot of those record-breaking high days. you get the cold passing over the warmer water of the lakes, traverse city, lake-effect snow.
4:18 am
pittsburgh had some accidents with the snow. that all passed. we got another system to talk about that could bring some rain changing over to snow, watch this thing, it's a low pressure system develops off the coast, it will shove moisture up the coast, an icy mix on tuesday for the big places like new york city, close to d.c., they'll be close to it there, north and west of the city, once you get into the higher elevations it will be snow. if you want to stay warm and toasty you have to go to the coast. that's the big picture. you
4:19 am
. >> it's about this time of year when i start to get really jealous, the nick pictures that come in from venice florida. thank you, linda, for that. a waxi ining gibbous moon. that's a beautiful shot from chicago. please find me on twitter. coming up, it's a big travel day and i'll have all of the weattr weather forecast. this next story has the potential of ending in tragedy a terrified 2-year-old boy plunged 20 feet down an old laundry
4:20 am
chute at his own home. >> the boy was rescued by firefighters and alex is back with this story. >> lot to be thankful at the ledger household this thanksgiving. the day was beginning when the 2-year-old suddenly disappeared and then the screams began coming out of the wall. 2-year-old didn't just fit, he fell nearly 20 feet down this old launldry chute on thanksgiving morning. >> i was laying in bed and all of a sudden, there was this thump and blood-curling screams coming from j in the else. >> reporter: somewhere turned out to be behind this wall. >> i pumped the wall so i could at least hold his hand and comfort him. >> reporter: his dad fractured his wrist. thankfully only the minor
4:21 am
injury. >> the cables caught him between the legs like a harness and cradle his fall. >> reporter: firefighters arrived and quickly broke down the wall, rescuing the toddler, he was taken to hospital where he was treated for minor injuries. >> he was fine abut for a stitches. >> reporter: by thursday afternoon, curious caden was already back on his feet. >> it was a crazy, crazy unconventional thanksgiving. >> reporter: simple dinner at the table would work she says. they never would imagine that
4:22 am
caden would find his way through that chute. >> alex, thanks. and coming up on "good morning america" -- holiday miracle. he was shot in the head defending his girlfriend on the way from a halloween party so how was he able to celebrate thanksgiving with his family. still rolling the stones are going strong. kicking off a new tour tonight. and a daring high dive. watch as a guy jumps from a shopping mall balcony into a fountain, will he make it? >> yes. the anatomy of a bad decision coming up on "fixation" on this sunday morning. don't go anywhere. we're back in a few moments.
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♪ when the rolling stones play their first gig, jfk was president. they're celebrating their 50th
4:30 am
anniversary with their first show tonight. the superfans who have seen these guys more than 300 times. i just wonder if mick jagger ever gets tired of singing. good morning, america, i'm dan harris. >> and i'm bianna golodryga. >> probably the most successful rock band in history >> i think so. rightly so. and it's sunday, november 25th. stunning video of an underwater rescue. the video has gone viral and it's been viewed at least half a million times. and the guy who is taking mall madness to an entire new level, jumping from a balcony into the fountain. we'll show you how it turned out, coming up in "fixation." it's calling it a miracle the young man shot in the head after defending his girl after a
4:31 am
ho halloween party. on thanksgiving day, a huge surprise. >> good morning. such a sweet story. just one month ago the family in birmingham, california, thut they would be grieving on this holiday weekend. except they received the one gift that they were praying for. what they would have missed most the smile. the one that benjamin wore while celebrating halloween in san francisco. >> your son benjamin got shot and he's in the hospital. >> reporter: as the 21-year-old was walking home from a party with his girlfriend and two others, a gunman confronted them for no apparent reason. when benjamin stepped forward to protect his girlfriend, the last bullet fired hit benjamin.
4:32 am
the doctors made no promises about the condition that he would have to live in. he spent one month in a medically-induced coma. until last sunday, when doctors revived him. >> i said, can you say hi mom? he said hi, mom. >> reporter: benjamin was talking and soon while other families were sitting down at thanksgiving dinner, he was standing. taking his first steps. >> he made it. he's strong. >> he's a miracle. >> it's pretty rare. he's a pretty good fighter, i think. >> reporter: the family never extented to be spending this holiday weekend at the hospital but they are grateful to be here talking, even joking, with the son they almost lost. >> we sold your truck. >> benjamin's smile is back. >> are you ready to come home
4:33 am
soon, ben? >> reporter: that gives them hope for many more joyful holidays together. benjamin still has many months of rehab ahead of him. he's optimistic and he's looking forward to getting back to everyday life. he can't wait to hang out with friends and hang out with his dog ziggy. >> love to see that smile thank you. time for a check of the other headlines this morning. over to alex perez. good morning to you, in the news this morning, no one won last night's powerball jackpot, the prize now grows to $425 million the largest jackpot ever for the powerball. the next drawing is wednesday night. the early returns show a slight dip in black friday sales this year, shoppers spent an estimated $11.2 billion at stores on friday, but that's
4:34 am
down from last year, because many people did their shopping on thanksgiving this year. the editor of an irish newspaper that published topless photos of kate middleton has been fireresigned. it seems no one can get enough gangnam style, by psy, has become the most viewed video on youtube. time now to get a check of the weather for ginger zee. in "fixation" you're going to have your own gangnam style. >> that's right. a holiday travel back today. let's focus in on whom may have some issues.
4:35 am
some fog in los angeles possible and then boston to new york, a little bit breezy. certainly cold when you're getting out and taking all of the bags to the arps. keep that in mind. as far as road conditions, i-95, that lake-effect snow is going to be there, a little snowy system from southwestern montana into western nebraska. if you're not leaving today and you've got travel tomorrow, one trouble spot across the nation that's going to be the issue, this area in northwest texas. that's the big picture. let's get a check a little closer to home. >> this weather report has been brought to you by children's tylenol. i can't believe that they
4:36 am
didndidn't charlie bit my finger on youtube. >> i'm sure it's one of the top ten. >> gangnam number one. >> number one all the way. >> nice job. all right, now to a truly extraordinary piece of video, this thing has gone viral, it was taken under the sea, about 250 miles south of baja mexico. >> they found a whale shark tangled in a large rope, clearly digging into the animal's flesh, it was covered in barnacles on a second dive later that day, they found the whale shark once again. >> one diver climbed on the back to free the shark. the divers celebrated with an underwater fist bump. >> whale sharks aren't dangerous and they were safe the whole
4:37 am
time. >> we did that research this morning before the show. >> a little google. coming up on "good morning america" -- one of the most enduring bands in rock history is celebrating 50 years tonight, so how much will a scalped ticket cost you? this stunt may be the craziest thing that you have ever seen at the mall, it's coming up in "fixation." ♪ sunshine ♪ ♪ you make me happy when skies are gray ♪ [ female announcer ] you know exactly what it takes to make them feel better. ♪ you make me happy [ female announcer ] that's why you choose children's tylenol. the same brand your mom trusted for you when you were young. ♪ how much i love you [ humming ] [ female announcer ] children's tylenol, the #1 brand of pain and fever relief recommended by pediatricians and used by moms decade after decade. [ humming ]
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♪ in the beginning they were notorious, they had a reputation for drugs, now they're celebrating their golden jubilee. >> tickets are being sold online more than $18,000. london times released what it believes part of the set list, which includes some of the rock 'n roll classics. here's nick schifrin. >> reporter: combined they're 273 years old. but 50 yeater later, the stones still rock.
4:42 am
loud. rambunctio rambunctious. their fans are really loyal. >> i've been to 300-plus rolling stones shows and i haven't stopped yet. >> reporter: he first saw them in miami in 1969. the 300-plus shows that he's seen have taken him to a half a dozen countries. before tonight's concert. >> ti haven't quite. i can't stop. >> reporter: neither can they. ♪ >> reporter: after a century ago, they started as a blues cover band. >> good guys. bad guys.
4:43 am
the rolling stones were the bad guys. ♪ >> reporter: that same year, the photographer just 18 years old shot the band right before they got huge. >> we had horde of screaming girls. it was fabulous. >> reporter: he took these photographers which was one of the great recording sessions. >> it was an extraordinary session. out of the sessions came songs like "painted black." >> reporter: and he snapped one of the most iconic covers. >> this shaggy, slightly bedraggled, warn-out stoned. >> reporter: today as the band turns 50, they don't look that different. >> is everybody ready? >> is everybody ready?
4:44 am
are you ready? >> reporter: critics know they aren't too old to rock 'n roll. and neither are their fans. >> will ever stop going to stones concerts? >> well, it depends on who last longer and right now, those guys are in a lot better shape than i am. >> reporter: man, do we love it. for "good morning america," i'm nick schifrin in london. >> coming up here on "good morning america" -- the dog who will literally dance for his supper, just one of many absurdities coming up in "fixation." keep it here on "good morning america." the wrong house. sister? we missed you. they waited up all night for you, you know. it's a long way from west africa. [ inhales deeply ] he's here. i brought you something. [ chuckles ] really? ♪
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♪ you're my obsession
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you should see what happens during commercial breaks. lot of abuse directed here. we're back with "fixation." from the rolling stones to gloria estefan and miami the sound machine. take a look at this dog. apparently there's a plate of thanksgiving turkey on the counter there that he started dancing for, the owner why not put on some music. he's doing this. sad end to the story, he never got the turkey. >> not everyone a piece? >> come on, that's crucialty to animals. ♪ >> but we'll watch it. ever get the feeling, remember that feeling, you're going down on the roller coaster, this video makes you
4:50 am
want to do that inspect was at a mall, this guy, his friends are watching it. he wants to jump over that railing into a pool. >> don't do it. >> there he goes. >> he jumps over. dropping down there, gets in, swims out. runs out to his car. >> was he arrest snd. >> no. his friends buy him clothe. >> reporter: epic stupidity. we have a video of a young man at the washington wizards, he sees something that catches his eyes. he grabs some candy. >> oh, my goodness. >> eyes popping out of his head. this is a bit of a theme that we're developing on the show. it's becoming a theme. >> they're kids. >> everyone knows gangnam style,
4:51 am
it's been redone. let's look at this. the latest from texas. you knew it was going to happen. >> us texans take our christmas lights seriously. >> we're back with more "good morning america" after the break. keep it here.
4:52 am
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. big thanks to alex perez for joining this weekend. >> i was happy to be here. >> let's dance our way off the air. thanks for watching, everyone. we'll see you tomorrow on "good morning america." ♪
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>> in the news this sunday morning, november 25th, interstate 80 near crockett is closed after a fatal crash.

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